September 25, 2016

Mandy Torres - Various

Mandy Torres (Amanda her real surname) is a young artist living in Louisiana (I love this place, I wish I could go back there sometimes) and here providing a very interesting iconography of nudes in naturalistic environments that gives the feeling not to be watchers only but in the place with the model. Everything seems so "amateur" at first glance, but actually there's always something that confirms that it's an artistic approach, and not only a testimony of a moment to remember as we all do when we took pictures in our life. Moreover, males and females are equally represented, which is a fine relief compared to most of the other nude iconographies. Strangely, it's closer to some asiatic and indian ways to consider photography than american's, and that's what makes her work important to feature on scoptophilia. Her tumblr site here. She's also on Instagram (there) but too much censorship to be the first choice to follow her. 

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