September 30, 2016

Peter Hegre - My Wife

Peter Hegre is a Norwegian erotic photographer and honestly his work belongs to a genre I usually rather despise and consider as sexist with its imagery of perfect plastic nude models supposed to raise desire when it only provides a restricted paradigm of beauty. Anyway, here I post some pictures of a personal project he conducted at the end of the last century (he's born in 1969) with his wife Svanborg, and that resulted in a book called My Wife with about hundreds of pictures. What I like in this series, it's not the nudity or the eroticism but the intimacy emanating from these private shots. The black & white paradoxically accentuates this intimacy (when he ususally works in this glamour coloured tonality that is so desperately associated with vanilla porn or mainstream eroticism). Sad he seems not to have persisted in this way and delivers an awful load of erotic pictures and even sexual tutorials that give a boring image of sex, at least to my eyes. But make your own opinion here... at least if you pay. I'm sure he must have a rather confortable life. Really not my cuppa tea.  

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