September 16, 2016

Raul Dap - Various

Most of you will surely think that this Spanish photographer (from Valencia) belongs more to erotic and porn than to art and maybe you're right. This feeling is enhanced by the fact that on his tumblr blog (here), he asks 53 € to provide all the pictures, not dissimilar to the sites that speculate on female nudity, even it models have surely been paid for their body to be used. But what I like in this work is the naturalistic and rather joyful atmosphere that it carries, and moreover the transgressive pictures with vulva largely exhibited or mixed with religious objects, not really your usual erotic or porn visual sustenance. He shot thousands of pictures (189 pages of blogs with 12 pictures by page even when you're not a member) and I didn't have the patience to look at all of them but I entered some tags in the researcher engine of his blog and I finally selected the ones I found the most interesting, intriguing, shocking or exciting. It's up to you to decide whether you agree or not. Note that his work is not focused on sex and here you'll have more precisions about all his activities (my google translater didn't accept to translate so impossible to read the texts). 

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