September 11, 2016

Serge Katama - Vivid photography

No way you can miss the name of the photographer is Serge Katama since it's watermarked on everyone of his pictures. I bet that most of you will consider it's pornographic and I can't say you're wrong but I finally find this classification is reductionism for the less and after all it's jurt erotism in which we can see sexes in action, and even more, I think it's a way to show bodies (most of them females it's true) the way the author sees them as the most aesthetically interesting, exciting, instructing. Each of us has his/her preferences, and here are Katama's ones. He's German, said to come from the art-side than from the photography, don't know what it means but I forward. I like the textures of his images, the strength and energy that diffuse from the postures and the acts shot. It's not revolutionary but it's good work and deserves to be in this scoptophilian temple (I'm joking). His tumblr site here and a portfolio there

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