October 30, 2016

Jean-Paul Four - Women peeing

Similar to Gilles Berquet (here) and Frédéric Fontenoy (there), Jean-Paul Four is a French photographer rather obsessed by the erotism of women pissing. Of course, this may not be shared by anybody but personally I see beauty in this urinary stream spurting out from a vulva. Something fierce and regenerating. Here of course, the imagery is more sexual than purely aesthetical and metaphysical but it's in no way pure porn only made to make males hard. His universe is fetichism and sado-masochism with some bondage, not the usual content of this blog, but belongs anyway to pure scoptophilia in the way I see it. I wish he does not shoot only the "perfect body" models but I imagine he would say that they are beautiful or that he earns more money with such pin-up models than with more ordinary or diverse ones. A long journey until this dictatorship disappears or maybe it won't. His tumblr blog here. His site there.  

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  1. Again a fantastic discover!
    Thank you again and again.