October 22, 2016

Kohana Neptune - Various


Don't ask me who is Kohana Neptune. It seems she's from Moldavia and that she takes some self portraits (at least they are signed Neptune) whereas others are from photographers with various names such as Tiglush. It alsom seems she's a model for a long time now since some pictures shows her "at the end of the last century" (sic) and she seemed very young. Anyway, in her tumblr blog (here), there are several very nice pictures I found to fit perfectly in this blog. Hope you'll agree. Don't really know why. Something rough in these images that fascinates me. A strong influence of Helmut Newton and no surprise she posts several pictures from him on her blog.


  1. Hi , could you please add some credits on some of these images?
    I'm the photographer .
    Thank you kindly !

  2. I'll do if you tell me which ones. Moreover, I won't add credit on the image but in the text. I usually try to avoid pictures where the name of the photographer is on.