October 15, 2016

Peter Franck - Hotel Rooms

Second post (first one here) from this German photographer, but looking at his site, I'm not sure he still does such pictures, and he seems more interested by places and installations. Sad cos', as you know, the body is my favorite subject and I can't find anything more interesting, moving and stimulating for the eyes, the brain (and sometimes more but it's not mandatory). His work is (or was) so singular and original, he could have digged it. Here some images to complete the previous post and maybe inspire some visitors who come here to glean some ideas. His site here (but don't expect to see anything that is similar to the ones above). I called this series Hotel Rooms cos' it is apparently issued from the same series than the previous post. I think I took the title somewhere but maybe I invented it. It doesn't matter anyway. 

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