November 23, 2016

C. C Cheker - Dystopie, tourment et obscurotisme

He's French, visibly living in or near Bordeaux, and he seems a visitor of Scoptophilia since he recently left  a comment. Weird cos' I had a series from him ready to post and believe me, I do not publish it today because of his comment. In photography, he likes to play with blasphemy, mixing christian symbols and sex with curvy models. Often their face is covered by gas masks. Not sure whether there is an underlying semantics or whether he only likes the visual effect. Anyway, this is efficient, troubling and exciting, either in colour or in black and white. Hope he'll go on this way with provocative images. His tumblr site here. I used the name of this blog as the title of this post. 


  1. Merci beaucoup, c'est un honneur de voir mes photos sur "Scoptophilia" dont je suis lecteur depuis longtemps.
    J'ai inventé un mot, "obscurotisme" qui traduit parfaitement mon univers.

  2. Je suis toujours heureux d'avoir des commentaires bienveillants des photographes à qui je consacre un post. Alors merci et continuez cette oeuvre singulière.