November 25, 2016

Paz Errázuriz - Works

This great female photographer is born in 1944 in Chile (Santiago) and is still among the livings like we are all at the time I write these words. Her work is mainly centered on the other side of what is usually shown, towards madness, extreme poverty, sex working, illness, ageing, social codes and desolation. But there's never any miserabilism in her images. What is the most fascinating for me, explaining her presence on this blog, is the status of the body in her work. A mistreated and damaged flesh, strangely sensual, weirdly attractive. Some pictures could be the illustration of a philosophical text about human condition. We feel strangely belonging to the same species than these human beings who were thrown in life without any manual to use it and who face their terrible destiny. Sad there's not enough high quality images on the net to provide more images but with these ones, it's a correct hommage I think to this great lady. Didn't find any active site but a paper on her here (in Spanish), here (in English) and there (an interview in French) . 

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