November 4, 2016

Vaida Tamoseviciute - Performances

Vaida Tamoseviciute is one of these female performers (I would like to find a generic name for them, maybe something like fembodactivists... yes I think I'll keep this one) that use their bodies and more specifically their nudity, with all the symbolic load that is associated with it when it's a woman, to express themselves. They all perform in very diverse manners and between Gyna Bootleg and Regina Jose Galindo, there is no much in common, even in terms of messages, the former being more a spontaneous exploration of the body and social limits when the latter builds each performance on a very solid semantic basis. This post is about a Lithuanian young woman who is more classic in its approach, with more or less static performances in which nudity is not the main ingredient (contrary to Milo Moiré or Deborah De Robertis for example) and who is not without reminding Marina Abromovic. There is a vulnerability, a modesty in the way she acts that is rather unusual in the domain. You can watch some of the performances that provided the above pictures in the videos that I integrate in the post. Didn't find a site about her.

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