November 20, 2016

Vlasta Delimar - Performances

Vlasta Delimar can be filed under the fembodactivist category. She's a well-known Croatian multi-disciplinary artist and her work is not constraint to nude performances but here is what this post deals about. She's born in 1956 and you can read most of her bio here. It makes her one of the root artist of this movement that I called fembodactivist. Nudity is here only a state, scandalous per se, and in no way this is what she makes with her body that is the vehicle of her message. This is in what the elder and more intellectualized among these women differ from the younger who are acting more rudely and with less background concept or conscient semantics. But I'm not good enough in English to analyze more accurately these differences so I leave it to you. Below some videos of her performances and a video from a retrospective in Zagreb called "This is I" with her in her own words. A site here, another there.

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