December 26, 2016

Christian Nowak - Helga

Christian Nowak is a German photographer born in 1971 in the most septentrional land of Germany. He likes to shoot portrait, often nudes, generally young women, but here, he decided to make some images of a, let's say, mature or even aged woman, in her natural environment, and this irradiates an incredible strong emotive and sensual impression. Serenity flows from these pictures showing the body as it becomes with time, and finally as it keeps, if we care enough, its ability to be pleasant to watch. Not that time does not come when this is no more possible, with our present criteria, to maintain this aesthetic challenge, but it seems it's possible much longer than usually considered by mainstream beauty canons. You can see more by him on his site here and there. And about Helga here

December 23, 2016

Corpos Informaticos - Recent nude performances

I can't say I really understand what this Brazilian collective is about since I don't understand portuguese and the sources that I found in French or in English do not help either. It's sure they use body performances to talk about politics, in the wide acception of the term. It's a collective created in 1992 (by the elders of the group I suppose) and there is a dozen of boys and girls that make it alive. Here I selected recent performances, all of them involving the nude body in the context of nature. What is singular here is that they do not take crowded places to do their performances as most of others (either in theatres, museums or most often the streets) but isolated landscapes (sometimes not far from a road). I've no idea of the underlying semantics and messages. Or let's say I imagine some but without any assurance I'm not misleaded. I encourage you to go to their site (here) where you'll have the links for their blogs and videos (on Vimeo here). I added one below from which some pictures were taken.

Natasha de Albuquerque, Cássia Nunes, Naldo Martins – “Diota” from CORPOS INFORMÁTICOS on Vimeo.

December 17, 2016

Carney Malone - Girls, skeleton, cigarette and alcohol

Carney Malone's work belongs to the mainstream erotism to my eyes but sometimes he provides nice pictures that get out of this rather monotonous and sexist activity (sorry guy, but that's what I think more and more with time, these naked girls posing for the sexual arousal of males are objects of desire no?). But I'm a little bit unfair since there is something very interesting in his way to show models, it's that he never hides their sex, and on the contrary, their vulva seems at the center of the picture, their sexual character is clearly what it defines their presence on the picture. Their legs are open, no fake sexy posture dissimulating what everyone wants to see. And if most (but not all) these sexes are all shaven, they are sufficiently natural to provide a valorising iconographing of the female body (exept that they are all thin). Here I selected models with a skeleton, in the tradition of the Franz Fiedler series (here), with a glass of alcohol (at least it seems) or a cigarette. The way they act, their nudity and the sins they mimic, give a nice imagery. A good way to celebrate Xmas isn't it? If you want to know more about this American photographer, here is his site. There is a large amount of pictures, among them some of equal quality than the selection above. There, another site where the photographer gives this funny and cruel portrait of himself "Carney Malone lives in a decrepit house in a boring town in the depressing Hudson Valley. Now retired, Carney was a farmer, garbage man, waiter, dish washer, computer programmer, civil servant and college teacher. He holds masters degrees in government and military history. Carney enjoys reading books on history and science, smoking fine cigars and sipping distilled spirits. Carney has published several books of artistic nude photography. Their sales are execrable. But he is not discouraged. He is in the company of David Hume and Friedrich Nietzsche whose early works sold not at all."   

December 10, 2016

Emmanuela Cau - Self Portraits

It's for this sort of discovery I love to manage this blog. This Italian female photographer (from Sardinia), born in 1971 (on the pictures, she seems much younger) provides a fantastic iconography, somewhere between onirism, fantasy and inner torments. She's, as many of females using self-portraits, strongly influenced by Francesca Woodman, but with the modern digital technology and her own idiosyncrasic universe (based on childhood dreamy imagination full of princesses, wolves and puppets), this reference is not so heavily present. I do not adhere to everything she does and selected above my favorites, but no discussion, her work is strong and powerful, her imagery very interesting and not the one you find anywhere. Her site here and her fb page there. She's apparently included in some exhibitions so things may go well for her I hope.