December 17, 2016

Carney Malone - Girls, skeleton, cigarette and alcohol

Carney Malone's work belongs to the mainstream erotism to my eyes but sometimes he provides nice pictures that get out of this rather monotonous and sexist activity (sorry guy, but that's what I think more and more with time, these naked girls posing for the sexual arousal of males are objects of desire no?). But I'm a little bit unfair since there is something very interesting in his way to show models, it's that he never hides their sex, and on the contrary, their vulva seems at the center of the picture, their sexual character is clearly what it defines their presence on the picture. Their legs are open, no fake sexy posture dissimulating what everyone wants to see. And if most (but not all) these sexes are all shaven, they are sufficiently natural to provide a valorising iconographing of the female body (exept that they are all thin). Here I selected models with a skeleton, in the tradition of the Franz Fiedler series (here), with a glass of alcohol (at least it seems) or a cigarette. The way they act, their nudity and the sins they mimic, give a nice imagery. A good way to celebrate Xmas isn't it? If you want to know more about this American photographer, here is his site. There is a large amount of pictures, among them some of equal quality than the selection above. There, another site where the photographer gives this funny and cruel portrait of himself "Carney Malone lives in a decrepit house in a boring town in the depressing Hudson Valley. Now retired, Carney was a farmer, garbage man, waiter, dish washer, computer programmer, civil servant and college teacher. He holds masters degrees in government and military history. Carney enjoys reading books on history and science, smoking fine cigars and sipping distilled spirits. Carney has published several books of artistic nude photography. Their sales are execrable. But he is not discouraged. He is in the company of David Hume and Friedrich Nietzsche whose early works sold not at all."   


  1. Good choice. I've been following Carney's work on Flickr for a while. There's something special about it.