December 23, 2016

Corpos Informaticos - Recent nude performances

I can't say I really understand what this Brazilian collective is about since I don't understand portuguese and the sources that I found in French or in English do not help either. It's sure they use body performances to talk about politics, in the wide acception of the term. It's a collective created in 1992 (by the elders of the group I suppose) and there is a dozen of boys and girls that make it alive. Here I selected recent performances, all of them involving the nude body in the context of nature. What is singular here is that they do not take crowded places to do their performances as most of others (either in theatres, museums or most often the streets) but isolated landscapes (sometimes not far from a road). I've no idea of the underlying semantics and messages. Or let's say I imagine some but without any assurance I'm not misleaded. I encourage you to go to their site (here) where you'll have the links for their blogs and videos (on Vimeo here). I added one below from which some pictures were taken.

Natasha de Albuquerque, Cássia Nunes, Naldo Martins – “Diota” from CORPOS INFORMÁTICOS on Vimeo.

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