December 5, 2016

Jamie Knowlton - Sometimes lover of humans

Jamie Knowlton is a (rather) young female American photographer (from Portland) shooting nude female bodies in nature (most often but not systematically). Her work is not fundamentally original (many have done that before) but there's enough singularity to make a place for it in this blog. Images are never too much "posées" and there's always life in them. There is carnation, not only skin. One can feel flesh and not wax. You can read a long interview with here here, follow her on Instagram there (I took the title of this post from here) and her site (with nothing much in it) here again. 


  1. Encore une belle découverte, très sympa à feuilleter.
    Merci Scoptophilia
    C.C Cheker (sans c avant le k)

  2. J'ai soigné l'égratignure du nom.