January 30, 2017

Scroll That Muffin - Amateur couple self-portraits

Another series of intimate self-portraits (actually it's in their sexual activities) by a young couple without any other details than the fact they are together for 12 years. Why publishing such images? Do they have any artistic value? Are they interesting? Some may contest that they fit in this blog but, as you know, I don't make any significant difference between these so-called artistic world and more modest approach of photography, since my main criterion is intimacy and its scoptophilian quality. It's obvious that such projects are scoptophilian by nature since we are invited to see what is usually (except for swingers) expected to be done out of our view. Nothing really novative here. But it shows that sex acts between true lovers look more and more like porn scenes. Surely a profound modification of sex habits modelled on pornography. Some may regret the more flat romantic way to make love, but personally I'm glad porn has done of sex something more physical and acrobatic. Most of their images are in color, but since I preferred the black and white ones, I decided to select them and to add some color ones that I transformed in black and white. Rare that I do that but, honestly, I think I didn't do a bad job since I had some light effects that gave them the same textures that the black and white pictures the couple posted. I hope they would be glad to be on this blog. If they would prefer to stay more anonymous, they can ask, I will delete the post, but their blog is public (see here) and they don't dissimulate their faces so I conclude that they don't bother to be recognized.

January 23, 2017

Walter Chappel - Body images

A small hommage to Walter Chappel,  a famous American photographer (1925 - 2000), with a selection of pictures he took of the human body. Of course, it was to be expected that he wouldn't be mainstream in his way to approach human skin and flesh that are more vegetal than animal in a way. The last image is a portrait of him at the end of his life. There's a real sense of freedom and nature-linked philosophy in his work, although he is known for very sophisticated and scientific way of photographic technology (see more details on a site about him here). Now that the times of the fatal entropy of humanity has come, it's with a kind of nostalgy we look at such an artist. 

January 18, 2017

David Myles - Free bleed (followed by The book)

David Myles is American and on his deviantArt profile, it is written "Photography hobbyist". This is a fine way to define oneself. His images are young nude female models shot in various in and out environments, but here I chose (you guessed) one unusual series based on a model having menstruations (in his comments, Myles says that it's not real but fake blood, which is a bad thing actually). Anyway, it's great to have an erotic series including a model bleeding when so often it is tantamount to unsexy, undesirable and sometimes rejection. I added the pictures of the same model with a book, since they are both very erotic (I would say exciting actually)  and rather unexpected and weird. You can find the whole series here and the deviantArt page of the photographer here. There are some other sites named on David Myles (with wedding pictures) but not sure it's the same guy. 

January 12, 2017

Various - Birth (2016 image of the year competition of the The International Association of Professional Birth Photographers)

Yes, there is an International Association of Professional Birth Photographers organizing each year a competition of the best pictures of birth (I don't know if it's around the world but I hope it is). You can find the choice of the jury and all the pictures in competition here, but above I selected the pictures I preferred among the 500 and some that are on the site. Weird you might think to find such a post on this blog but actually, if there's a thing about the human body that is often hidden and that is fascinating and instructing to see, it's birth. Here, far from the maternal or paternal emotion we all feel when we are concerned by the birth, we can have other emotions, aesthetical or philosophical ,on this particular and so important moments of human life (of any animal life actually). Looking at my choice, I'm aware that I chose mainly images with a rough and sometimes dark content but that's my vision of things as you may have understood if you are a regular visitor of this site. You can find the names of the photographers either on the picture or on the site. I ranged the pictures in a logical order (from labor to postpartum). I only selected black and white to keep a homogenous appearance of the post but there were some nice colour pictures too (much less so I decided to keep the B&W). The definition is lower than I would have liked but I took the ones I found on the site. Bad they don't offer higher quality.