January 18, 2017

David Myles - Free bleed (followed by The book)

David Myles is American and on his deviantArt profile, it is written "Photography hobbyist". This is a fine way to define oneself. His images are young nude female models shot in various in and out environments, but here I chose (you guessed) one unusual series based on a model having menstruations (in his comments, Myles says that it's not real but fake blood, which is a bad thing actually). Anyway, it's great to have an erotic series including a model bleeding when so often it is tantamount to unsexy, undesirable and sometimes rejection. I added the pictures of the same model with a book, since they are both very erotic (I would say exciting actually)  and rather unexpected and weird. You can find the whole series here and the deviantArt page of the photographer here. There are some other sites named on David Myles (with wedding pictures) but not sure it's the same guy. 

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