January 5, 2017

Valie Export - Action Pants: Genital Panic

Born in 1940, after 50 years of experimental work, Valie Export is weirdly more commonly known for this performance of 1969 called Action Pants: Genital Panic, conducted in a Movie theater in Vienna (she's sometimes considered as part of the Vienna Activists scene but actually she was not) and where she weared a pant that let her genitals visible, and a gun machine, a way to draw attention on the role of women in films with violence, guns and all the male testosterone imagery that unfortunately barely changed until today. This performance can be considered as one of the first of what I called the fembodactivists (all posted on the blog, i.e., 16, can be found here). Her further artistic production is less known and did not, to my knowledge, involved body nudity in a provocative way. Not to say it was not good or interesting or even crucial, it's just that it is out of the scope of this blog (and of my personal culture). I added some other images of artists mimicking this performance. I forgot to record the name of most but you have recognized one: Marina Abramovic. If you want to know more about Valie Export, here her site.  Note that I did not post all the 6 pictures of this series cos' the quality of the others was not good enough. 

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