January 12, 2017

Various - Birth (2016 image of the year competition of the The International Association of Professional Birth Photographers)

Yes, there is an International Association of Professional Birth Photographers organizing each year a competition of the best pictures of birth (I don't know if it's around the world but I hope it is). You can find the choice of the jury and all the pictures in competition here, but above I selected the pictures I preferred among the 500 and some that are on the site. Weird you might think to find such a post on this blog but actually, if there's a thing about the human body that is often hidden and that is fascinating and instructing to see, it's birth. Here, far from the maternal or paternal emotion we all feel when we are concerned by the birth, we can have other emotions, aesthetical or philosophical ,on this particular and so important moments of human life (of any animal life actually). Looking at my choice, I'm aware that I chose mainly images with a rough and sometimes dark content but that's my vision of things as you may have understood if you are a regular visitor of this site. You can find the names of the photographers either on the picture or on the site. I ranged the pictures in a logical order (from labor to postpartum). I only selected black and white to keep a homogenous appearance of the post but there were some nice colour pictures too (much less so I decided to keep the B&W). The definition is lower than I would have liked but I took the ones I found on the site. Bad they don't offer higher quality. 

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