February 27, 2017

Aimée Egérie - Femme fatale

Aimée Egérie has a French-sounding name but seems to be a German woman. Aimée Egérie is a model (see here and there) but also a photographer doing selfies. Aimée Egérie does face selfies but most often vulva (and butt) selfies. In black and white, these shots are no-less than strongly erotic and exciting and aesthetic and moving. For anyone that is in love with female anatomy it is surely the most wonderful "paysage" ever seen. Up to you to consider this as out of place on Scoptophilia or not but tonight this is my present mood so I post it. All these images can be found on her other tumblr blog called Femme fatale (here), the reason for the title of this post. 

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