February 24, 2017

Ren Hang - Hommage

It seems that the Chinese photographer and poet Ren Hang killed himself today (at least we are informed today). He was in Berlin, and had an exhibition of his work at the Amsterdam gallery, although he lived in Beijing. The reason of his killing is not known at the time but in September 2016 he began on his site (here) a text about his depression that may provide some elements of answer. Scoptophilia had a post 4 years ago about him (here). Since then I had gathered pictures from him but never did another post. Sad that I do it as an hommage for his death. He was only 30 and now I consider dying young as a complete waste of talent and a great loss for art. When I was in my 20's I considered that as romantic, being aware of the fact that you are creative only in your youth. Ren Hang approach of photography was not my favorite one but this was certainly an important element of the long and difficult road to the abolition of any censorship about nudity and individual personal sexual behavior, although sex was not really present in his work. There was an intriguing absence of hedonism  in his images that were more using bodies as objects than really making them alive. Here above I chose a little selection of his images. I chose the ones with the largest dimensions. 

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