February 18, 2017

Sebastian Gherrë - Various

Sebastian Gherrë is a (rather) young photographer from Chile, working mostly on male-with-male sexuality (I decide not to use "gay" since this is a too much reductive categorization of what we see on the images, males having sex with other males or masturbating, or being naked. There is a long interview from him (see below) but it's in spanish and I don't understand. Maybe you can (thinking about all the spanish-speaking visitors). You'll probably find easily the influences of this photographer so no need to cite them here (most of them feature in posts on Scoptophilia). I feel there's something more in these pictures. I mean a real exaltation of every body functions (ejaculating, pissing) and sexual activities. Maybe, once again, this male-with-male imagery is lacking of hedonism (strange that gay sex is rarely associated with joy or even some manifestation of excitation, intensity like heterosexual sex is, at least sometimes). But all in all, it's a mandatory presence in Scoptophilia. His blog here.

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