March 28, 2017

Clau Jares - Various works

Claudia Jares seems to be born in Argentina  in the sixties, since it said that she lived for a while as a child in Buenos Aires and that she went to Boston in the early 80's, and worked as a photographer in 1982. She went back to Argentina where she's currently living and working. I would have bet she was much younger, her pictures, mostly in black and white, being in the mood of what female photographers in their 30's are currently doing. Her work is sometimes a little bit too fashion-like for me, but there is enough strong shots to make a great selection (maybe others would have done another one but this blog reflect my own tastes and is not an attempt to provide a neutral aesthetic look to what is on). What I like is that she doesn't stick to a given style but modulates her approach to her models. If you want to dig her work, here her site. Her Instragam account here. Here blog there

March 24, 2017

E-RT - Saggy tits

A very unusual post. The first of several unusuals actually. This blog is not short of surprises and of shocks for those who do not like explicit visual content. First, this female blogger called E-RT. Usually, tumblr blogs with nude self-portraits are made for magnifying the body, or at least showing a somewhat flattering image of it, trying to eroticize oneself. Not here. This crude iconography seems to have no desire to improve the model's body, focussing on what she called her saggy tits (or empty tits in another #). The images are rather ugly black and white with poor light, the skin is hairy and full of stretch marks, the positions are devoid of any attempt to be aesthetical. I would like to know whether there is an anti-art conscious approach in this or only a total absence of aesthetical notion but nothing in the blog for concluding. Go see for yourself here.

March 18, 2017

Noah Jashinski - Various

Noah Jashinski is from New York and is in love with French New Wave, more specifically Jean-Luc Godard (who is from Switzerland but no matter). A good point since I am too (not from New York but French and  in love with Godard's cinema). Not sure that this is really obvious in his work but I must say I like the way he depicts the intimacy of his models. They seem to be caught in their lives and not to mimic people caught in their lives as in most of similar works. Of course, all this is not without an intellectual posture that is not completely the universe I dig, but anyway it deserved to be there. If you want to know more about this photographer, his site here

March 15, 2017

Herr Merzi - Polanudes feat. *The birth of...*

Again (it's an habit now) a post about someone I do not have a lot information about. He calls himself Herr Merzi and like "Herr" suggests, he's German (from Frankfurt) and a man. He's on a model site so it seems he works quite professionally. What's intriguing is thatn contrary to most, he used very varied styles and themas, and it's difficult sometimes to imagine he's the author of the different images we see in his blog. Sometimes it's very rough and tough (like the first series, about a fake delivery untitled actually *The Birth of..."), sometimes close to porn (like the second series of this post, with this audacious close shot of anus), sometimes it's symbolic, like a one with women dressed in animals that I'll surely post soon and which is very intriguing. Unfortunately, there are many mainstream erotic pictures in his work but I suppose that he has to live and it sells better than the previous styles, or maybe it's only that he likes it. Anyway, if you want to see more, go here