March 28, 2017

Clau Jares - Various works

Claudia Jares seems to be born in Argentina  in the sixties, since it said that she lived for a while as a child in Buenos Aires and that she went to Boston in the early 80's, and worked as a photographer in 1982. She went back to Argentina where she's currently living and working. I would have bet she was much younger, her pictures, mostly in black and white, being in the mood of what female photographers in their 30's are currently doing. Her work is sometimes a little bit too fashion-like for me, but there is enough strong shots to make a great selection (maybe others would have done another one but this blog reflect my own tastes and is not an attempt to provide a neutral aesthetic look to what is on). What I like is that she doesn't stick to a given style but modulates her approach to her models. If you want to dig her work, here her site. Her Instragam account here. Here blog there

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