March 9, 2017

Femen - In action

For the International Woman's Day (in France, feminists call it International Woman Rights' Day), I decided to post pictures from femen bidy activists in action worldwide. I had them stored for quite a long time now and feel that today is the right day. Whatever some may think about the efficiency of this way to act for feminist cause, it's true that it's rather new and "modern" and moreover provides an interesting iconography. More largely, it questioned the use of female body in a non-sexual way in exhibiting a so-called sexualized part of it (breast) but removing it's sexual content (except for those who really never see female's breast and are excited when they see one).  According to the days, I feel in agreement with their actions and think they are braves or I feel skeptical and think they are pathetics. But honestly they probably don't care what old white males like me think of them and they are right. Their site (actually a blog) here

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