March 15, 2017

Herr Merzi - Polanudes feat. *The birth of...*

Again (it's an habit now) a post about someone I do not have a lot information about. He calls himself Herr Merzi and like "Herr" suggests, he's German (from Frankfurt) and a man. He's on a model site so it seems he works quite professionally. What's intriguing is thatn contrary to most, he used very varied styles and themas, and it's difficult sometimes to imagine he's the author of the different images we see in his blog. Sometimes it's very rough and tough (like the first series, about a fake delivery untitled actually *The Birth of..."), sometimes close to porn (like the second series of this post, with this audacious close shot of anus), sometimes it's symbolic, like a one with women dressed in animals that I'll surely post soon and which is very intriguing. Unfortunately, there are many mainstream erotic pictures in his work but I suppose that he has to live and it sells better than the previous styles, or maybe it's only that he likes it. Anyway, if you want to see more, go here

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