April 30, 2017

Carlos Bob Clarke - The Agony and the Ecstasy

This is not the most representative of Carlos Bob Clarke's work (who died at 56 years in 2006), this born-Irish, England-working photographer that is most known for his work in the fashion world, but it's for sure this series that I prefer. Visually, it seemed it could have been shot in the fifties but actually it was in the nineties (the series is usually said to be from 1994). It shows boys and girls in their teens kissing during parties and, for some, initiating more sexualized relations. Nothing is shown, I mean no genitals, but sometimes the sexual arousal is so strong that it is more evocating than any porn image. Really strong. It's should have been posted here sooner. Never too late. If you want to dig more deeply this photographer, here a site. 

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  1. I wasn't even aware of this aspect of Bob's work. It's quite wonderful. Thanks.