April 26, 2017

Expressions untold - Couple

More and more, names are substituted by expressions such as this one "Expressions untold" to identify the authors of pictures. This is a heavy trend, following what's happened in music 20 years ago with sample-based music, removing the personality of the author (at least the social or official side of it) to limit the pregnance in the artistic expression. And sometimes, the art is not even required. It's the case in all these numerous selfies of lovers shooting themselves in their most intimate activities, capturing their genital parts and games on pictures maybe "just to prove themselves they existed" as was singing Ray Davies in 1966. It's not always interesting enough to feature on this blog, but here, the result is really good. Moreover, the bodies are black and it's a small compensation to the prevalence of white bodies on this blog. These images come from a blog (here). Note that I remove the colours in one of them and modified the black and white in another. I don't do that often but here I felt the need to do it. 

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