April 24, 2017

Henri Maccheroni - 2000 pictures of the sex of a woman

This French engraver and photographer born in 1932 and recently deceased (in 2016 in a complete mediatic discretion), decided to take pictures of a the same woman's sex during several years (from 1969 to 1971 and then from 1972 to 1974, once or twice a week). The images above are a small selection of this series, not of my favorites but of what I found on the web but there are 1988 other ones. It's true that if we are, as men, really honest, we must admit that there is nothing more interesting, fascinating and exciting to look at, than the sex of the woman we love. Some may say that we don't even have to love her to feel this way toward her vulva (not the vagina as it is too often called) and I don't know whether Henri Maccheroni was in love with this woman. But there's still more fascination when love is involved, at least in my views. It's strange that this great series didn't feature previously on Scoptophilia but you know I'm not an exegete of photography so I have several gaps in my culture. This was one of them. No site in English to provide. 

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  1. Quel découverte! Et quelle belle ode au sexe féminin! Encore merci.