April 14, 2017

JW Purdy - My nude year

Initially, I was thinking this was a self-portrait project. It looked like. A picture by day, nude, it sounded as some other projects of women using their body and their nudity to question intimacy, beauty normalization, the raise of sensuality in unperfect bodies and so many others problems that women have to face with this unvoluntary (and often unwanted) role of male sexual fantasies' support. But actually, JW Purdy is a male photographer. Thus, I thought he used a model and I was quite disappointed. But the name of the model being Shannon Purdy, it could be his wife. And on his site, it is actually specified that she's his muse/wife (here). Can't say that the project fulfils all expectation, many pictures are rather weak, and he has often a very mainstream erotic approach, but here and there, there are some strong images, the ones I selected above. Of course, you may not share my views and therefore you can go and see the portfolio there. There is even a book that you can buy if you like it enough to get it. And fine to see colour again on Scoptophilia isn't it? 

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