April 19, 2017

Manuel Laval - Surreal Body Art

Born in Germany in 1952, Manuel Laval has a very idiosyncrasic use of photography. It's crude, kitsch, with full of electric colors, explicit sex, and enigmatic figures. Sometimes it seems really amateurish but it is so assumed that it is in no way a weakness. Not totally the style I cherish the most but impossible not to include it in Scoptophilia since there is so much to look at. There's a true fascination for sexual parts as photographic subjects and it's one of the strength of his work. And also a form of irony and sarcastic provocation that complete the picture of this singular artist. You can see much more (and maybe find images you'll prefer to my own selection) on his site here and his blog there


  1. J'adore Manuel Laval, nous aimerions monter un projet commun.
    ++ et encore merci pour cet excellent blog.

  2. O great.
    That means moi, aussi.
    My Pop was a wealthy,
    psychopathic psychoanalyst,
    so that doesnt quite apply.

    God bless your indelible soul.
    Now it does

  3. @Chris. J'espère que le projet se fera et que je pourrai en parler sur Scopto
    @kold_kadavr. Don't understand everything but thanks anyway