April 13, 2017

Véronique E. Bourgeois - Self-portraits

This French female photographer works on self-portraits, often nudes, in a rather classical way since her pictures stands proudly in the photographic tradition  of Jan Saudek but without the rather exuberant atmosphere of Saudek and his descendants. No, her pictures produce a sort of sadness that is not without relation with Francesca Woodman. Not bad as comparisons for this female artist that is in her mid-fifties (she's born in 1961), something that provides a major strength to her images. Not that her body is altered by age (which may actually add some power to the nudity), on the contrary her body is incredibly young-looking, but because this increases the semantic deepness of this monomaniac photographic work. Thus, questions asked by these scenographies also include those about time passing, and here, her face wears this part of the semantic. If you want to see more, of course there is a tumblr site (here) and a facebook page to know about her more personal tastes and events (there). Below a video about a make off.


  1. Merci pour votre article sur mon travail. Je viens d'autoriser l'intégration de mes vidéos, suite à votre message à ce sujet.

  2. Merci de votre commentaire. Et merci d'avoir permis l'intégration des vidéos, ce qui est plus pratique pour les blogueurs. Et encore bravo pour ce projet si important pour que la photographie continue à se diriger vers l'exploration des corps et ne se rabougrisse pas sous les effets de la pudibonderie réactivée du fait de l'américanisation générale des outils du web.