April 4, 2017

Vlad Gansovsky - Various

I'm in my black and white nude body period it seems. Tonight a 40 yrs old Russian photographer belonging (once again) to the erotic area. Not many of his shoots fit with my own interest in photography but these ones above do. So I post them and leave to you the decision to explore more deeper the rest of his work. In these ones, there's a tension that lacks in some of his pairs in erotic art. I added 3 pissing pictures cos' it's, I must admit, one of my scoptophilian pleasure, not that it invades my erotic fantasmatic world, but I love the photographic challenge to capture the drops of this pea fountain and the fascination of a body from which such a stream come. I didn't include bondage pictures since I'm really not touched by this activity. But you'll find a lot on his site (here), and there is a book to buy if you feel the need to (there).

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