May 5, 2017

Camille Mariet - & Other Delights

For once, I feel like posting the "about" text of this young female photographer's site : "Camille Mariet is an artist based out of Santa Cruz, CA. Taking aesthetic cues from midcentury advertising, pornography, Technicolor film, and 1960’s and 70’s sexploitation cinema, her work surrounds concepts of gender and sexuality and explores the ways in which they intermingle with societal perceptions of and standards for beauty, power, and behavior". I'm not sure this is so clear looking to her images but at least this is the aim of her work. There's a real malaise rising from these apparently old-fashion pictures, surely due to the complete absence of erotic posture of the model (often the photographer herself it seems) and the use of filthy liquid or semi-liquid material, or food incongruous pseudo-erotic situation . The Cindy Sherman influence is undeniable but it's not plagiarism. All in all, a nice visual punch in the face of conformity. Her site here, her tumblr blog there

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