May 29, 2017

John Kayser - Sitting

John Kayser is one of this singular, idiosyncrasic, hidden, fetishist and obsessive artist such as Pierre Molinier in France, that makes art better to love since assumed artists living from their art, publicly proud of what they create and searching for notoriety and financial recognition often give (me) nausea and makes me aggressive in their self-satisfied arrogance. The John Kayser's bio is rather strange. Here what you can read on the Klein & Berst site "John Kayser (1922-2007) was born in North Dakota, but lived most of his life in California. After serving in the military during World War II, he worked for nearly the rest of his life at Northup Aircraft Incorporated, first as an assemblyman, and eventually as a technical illustrator. Kayser made paintings and drawings, but it was in his photographs and 88 mm films that he was able to develop a distinctive visual language and explore his own unique perception of female beauty". Looking at these images, often marked by some delicious amateurism, it's being walked by women and seing them sitted on something and seen from behind that were his 2 main phantasms. Nothing bad with that, each of us has his/her guilty fantasmatic pleasures, and those who have not are probably occupied to make money, business, politics, war or any other dispensable and uninteresting thing. There's a good analysis of his work here. If he wanted to say that there's nothing better that being the face under a woman's bare butt, I may say I rather agree. And if he wanted to say that there's nothing more beautiful that to see a naked woman's butt sitting on something, I'm not far to agree to although I'm not a butt fetishist like he was. All these images were shot in a large timespan (1960 to 1985) but surely with a rather similar material since it's not easy to guess which period they belong to. As you can see, there are books that were drawn from this iconography, so you can share his phantasms if you have similar ones. 


  1. I don't know where you find all these interesting artists, but many thanks for taking the time to seek them out and share them with us.

  2. Thx
    Speaking about that, it seems you take pictures yourself. Do you have another blog than this one ? It's rather hard and unusual enough to interest me for a post on Scoptophilia.

  3. That one is my harder work. You'll find my usual stuff on my Flickr account here: and more current work on my website here Both are milder than the blogspot site and may be of less interest to you. But thanks for the kind words. I really appreciate the great work you do - without you I'd never find these photographers and they're all of great interest to me.