May 9, 2017

Nadia Lee Cohen - The weird world of...

Nadia Lee Cohen is a young English photographer and video-maker that gained a quick notoriety due to a very distinctive style in which extreme kitsch sophistication overlaps with ugliness and deshumanity. Actually in line with Camille Mariet (previous post) but still more excentric and boarderline in terms of parody. Usually not my favorite approach of photography and not totally consistent with the body fixation of this blog, but there's enough transgression too in the way that female bodies are treated to include it here. Yes, her world is weird and although I'm not sure the underlying message is not far behind her aesthetic preoccupation (the world of fashion would not be so fond of her if she was so subversive and critical toward it), it's interesting enough to be explored. Her site here. You can see many of her videos (quite close to the atmosphere of her pictures, some having provided pictures actually) there

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