June 11, 2017

Dorian Wood - Images

Although Dorian Wood (born in 1975) is not a photographer nor a model but a singer-songwriter and performer, it would be impossible not to include him in this blog since he's completely in the themas of Scoptophilia, providing a strong, enigmatic and idiosyncrasic iconography of the current state of the body, here a fat and androgynous one. But no trace of revendication or victimization (and I must say I appreciate a lot, a little bit like Gyna Bootleg, the creation doesn't need captions and other intellectual, political or social statements to make impact in the minds and on the representations they want to change). From Los Angeles and from Costa-Rican parents, he's singing either in English or in Spanish, his last album being completely in Spanish. I encourage all of you who are not familiar with him to watch his clips, often visually strong (I add some at the bottom of this post). In particular the last one ("Corpulenxia") is stunningly emotional and beautiful. But I'm sure those who are interested will dig the links. Here is his site.

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