June 9, 2017

Lexoweb - The girl you want to see up your street (2)

Six years ago (in March 2011 exactly) I did a post on this exhibiting woman (Italian I think but there is no much info about her on the web) with a rather hybrid project, more erotic than artistic, not belonging to the (self-called) fembodactivist wave, but in a way not so far from it (a little bit like Sabrina Dacos, that one day I'll write about on Scopto) since it stands proudly as the power of female nudity in very diverse and often weird or incongruous environments (which often makes the savour and the excitation provided by the images). Cos' contrary to the Femen or fembodactivists, lexoweb makes her crude nudity rather invisible to the eyes of the people who are around her. This is the main strength of this project, another being the taboo-breaking insertion of metal dildo in her vulva and vagina in public places, giving reality to the promiscuity of inside flesh with outside world. Of course, her exhibition and fetichism became a way to make cash (her site here to verify, and to subscribe if you are interested) but after all it's a more pleasant way to earn money than most. Last but not least, and the reason I post another series here, it's that the lexoweb one is far ahead, the most viewed post of Scoptophilia. No less than 74,314 views. I don't know whether this one will generate so many but this is rather strange that, although the hardest porn scenes can be reached easily on the web, lexo can excite so much with her rather soft approach of sex. Note that when she's shooting with Naomi (here), the scenes are usually much harder.  Finally, the most intriguing is that the only part of her body that one never sees is her face, always blurred or dissimulated. Probably it's important for her not to be recognized. But this gives to her project an enigmatic dimension. This is more largely a common concern for males and females liking to exhibit and in fear of the consequences of being recognized. This shows how the world is prude and untolerant with nudity. Hope it'll change but with the return of religions in the head of contemporary humans, it's unlikely it will go for the better in the next few years. Below a trailer showing lexoweb in action.

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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for this post. I agree there is something amazingly erotic about how she obscures her face. I think it foregrounds the fact that she is so exposed in public and yet, is "hidden" from us still.

    Cheers, R