June 20, 2017

Marc Dubord - Various (2)

Six years since I did a post about this French "photographer" from Lille (or near Lille). It's much too long. I can't say whether the images I post on this one are all recent, but I gathered them here and there over the last months so maybe some will be post-2011, that's what is important. I won't repeat what I wrote in the first post (here). The Saudek's influence is always pregnant but his work is now idiosyncrasic enough to be easily recognisable. There is a real wild and animal sensuality in this weird oversaturated iconography with so many different female (and one male) body shapes and skin textures. Some images are directly evocative of sexual activity but also of some violence. But his styles are varied, as you can see in the last images with this old masters' influence. So, it's a good thing to post again on him while he's among us. His site here

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