July 22, 2017

Both Of Us - Pictures

Both Of Us is a tumblr photographic project conducted since last October by a black male couple that is aimed to "show the hottest moments of their lives". I would say a testimony of their love, and among loving moments, the sex ones are, it's clear, the most frequent, or at least the ones these guys want to primary document and share with others. Some would call it narcissism, but even if there's some (Rousseau said that the love of ourselves is the condition of the goodness so what is the problem), I think that to take the risk of publicly exhibiting our sexual activity is generous and a way to share with everyone interested, the best part of life. And in the present case, giving that these two men are black and rather curvy, providing a sensual iconography contributes to fight the stereotypes and the discrimination. Thus, it was a necessity to include them. Their tumblr here. 

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