July 16, 2017

Gilles Berquet - Recent works

There is no mystery, Gilles Berquet (he's French) is one of the most powerful, important and visionary photographer in history. His work can be considered as fetichist but this sort of categorization is a lazy way to restraint an artist to a narrow domain. His iconography is now durably inserted in our memory and belongs to one of the most vivid apology of the female body. Here, in his more recent series, he still focuses on female body, but in a more subtle and less erotic way. Moreover, his style has changed (there is some similarities with Jo Schwab in the colours and textures of pictures) and it is necessary to make another post on him with this selection of gorgeous and sometimes strangely unconfortable images of female models with evocation of wounds, scars, mutilation. His site here (with a link to his tumblr blog). 

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