July 26, 2017

InterZone - Naked feet

There was a first post about this French photographer (still don't know his name) 3 years ago (in August) for a very different series. I recently saw several images of his new series and found very interesting some shots I gatherer under the name of Naked feet. Not a real foot fetish series but various pictures where models are naked feet so it's an opportunity for this title. The first pictures are intriguing, showing girls with blood and dirt on the legs and feet. Don't know the semantic but it works. The hyperrealistic approach of the image reminds some American photographers you can find on this blog. Note that Mr Inter Zone cites Francesca Woodman as his favorite visual artist, which is not intuitive when you see his work. Note too that my selection is not very representative of his work, which consists mainly of erotic portraits but with a strong quality: a very large spectre of body shapes (as noted in the first post) as you can see by yourself on his Studio Zone deviantArt page here

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