July 3, 2017

Pasini - Nudes

Sorry for the long delay, I was getting married, which is not the thing you do quickly, so I had to leave some days this blog. Note that my newly wife likes this blog and that this won't change my activity here. The only thing that may change it, is that I would feel a certain tiredness after more that 7 years of blogging without much reward, except some sporadic nice comments. But back to our present post. Don't ask me who is Pasini. Actually I didn't find anyhing more about him (I would say it's a male but I can be wrong) than what is on the tumblr site (here). I must have failed to search correctly but even if I found a site fabout "his" studio (PGS), there was not even a surname. This iconography is not revolutionary and belongs to the eternal male voyeurism for female bodies, and more specifically sexual or sexualized parts, but there's a sense of indecency and obsession with intimacy that are much more interesting than most of usual erotic imagery. And morevover, he likes to play with blasphemy (here Islam) and humiliating positions or supposed to be so. The quality could be better but this is not the main criterion for publication here anyway. 


  1. Congratulations. That was unexpected. Sorry to hear you're feeling unappreciated for all the work you put into this blog. Keep in mind that I appreciate it as I'm sure do others. And, of course, bear in mind that there must be a certain enjoyment for yourself in putting it together. I hope you maintain it for many years to come. Marriage notwithstanding...

  2. First let me congratulate you on your marriage and wish you and your partner all the best and a long life of happiness.
    I, also, am one of those that look and appreciate, but never let you know that I like what you do. And I do indeed like your work. It opened my eyes to lots of interesting photographs and people. And I would never have been able to find those pictures myself. So, keep up the good work. It is a bad habit of many people to express their negative thoughts more easily than the positive ones. I hope I have mended that a little bit.

  3. Thanks M_s.photo and Hub Zimmermann for your nice comments. I'm not so concerned by the lack of comments although it's true sometimes I'm glad to get one. Although the blog is rather highly visited (8,000 to 12,000 pages viewed weekly), it's always pleasant to read some real visitors' comments. And of course, the first motivation to go on is the curiosity for new ways of showing the body and the pleasure to share. Just that I know that after several years, the motivation decreases and sometimes I feel the need to spend my time to other projects. Time will tell.