July 4, 2017

Véronique E. Bourgeois - Muse



Not so long (3 months ago) I posted a series about this French female photographer (here) but if I post another one it is because her recent series called Muse is not only an artistic but also a love project. Living in parallel this kind of loving fusion with someone I could call my half and my double, I felt very in empathy with the pictures she took of her and her beloved one (the parallel stops here, I have no tattoo). Shot only over some weeks, this series is a perfect illustration of this weird state of mind love throws you in. When it's passion, it doesn't last, but when it's love based upon deep and profound mental and physical similarities (I wouldn't say complementarities), so it can last lifelong. To celebrate the 3,5 millions of pages viewed on Scoptophilia, it's a fine post. I wish them all the love and tenderness and wildness they can live together. Her tumblr site here.

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