August 25, 2017

Pawel Jaszczuk - Kinky city

This polish photographer has spent 3 years in Japan to shoot images of underground sex life and what he came back with is an astonishing and stunning iconography. This does not show a very funny and joyful vision of sexuality.But woud it be different in Berlin, London or Paris, I'm not sure. Let's say there's this particularity in Japanese culture that I would assimilate to the art of cruelty. To hear women cry and to see them suffer seem rather appreciate by many. And the notion of what is intrusive, indecent and obscene are very different from occidental culture. If I had to chose 2 words to qualify this series I would say bleak and unsane. But of course, pictures are a subjective representation of reality. However, some images are quite disturbing. Not so much those where participants are dressed with nazi uniforms or emblems, or where they are disguised, or even when they have hooks stitched in their skin. No, the most disturbing are those where participants, mostly women, seem to cry or to suffer. What belongs to a fake scenography and reel feeling is impossible to determine. Anyway, this series is strong. You can see more on his site here and there is a review about it there. Note that Pawel Jaszczuk has done another fascinating series in Japan called Salarymen

August 19, 2017

Marcel Pommer - Various works

This German Berlin-based photographer is mainly specialized in black and white erotic iconography with the female body associated with ropes (bondage), veggies or dirt. But looking at the entirety of his work, it's clear he doesn't stick to one style and is rather opportunist in his techniques and subjects. You can see all this either on his deviantArt (here, under the name of marsellus-longus) or here (tumblr blog) or here (site). It's becoming hard to identify some singularity in this amount of images of female bodies (fortunately with different morphotypes and ages) in photography. It's weird that they find some many models to pose for them but it's less weird that the enormous amount of girls and women participating to porn all over the world. Maybe photographers should be somewhat more in search of an idiosyncrasy as their predecessors in the last century were seeking. Note that Marcel Pommer is one of the few to use gifs and this adds a welcome plus to this work.  I did a selection of my faves, but there's plenty more that you can see in following the links above. 

August 16, 2017

Margaret M. de Lange - Surrounded by no-one

This Norwegian photographer born in 1963 is mainly known for her Sally Mann's inspired project "Daughters" in which she took photos (black and white) of her two daughters during their childhood and adolescence. These pictures were shot between 1994 and 2006 and published in 2009, where she provided a rather similar (and controversive in these times of pedophilia-phobia that precludes any child nudity on picture, even for familial, aesthetic or artistic reasons, because some will use them for their onanist activity) iconography than her American pair, except for the Nordic mythological dimension. If you don't know this wonderful series, you can see it (at least a selection of images) on the artist's site here. But this post is about her following project, entitled "Surrounded by no-one" and in which she took stunning pictures (here again in black and white) of adults posing in very naturalistic and intimate manners and often surrounded by a stifling atmosphere of sadness and dereliction. Ths stigmata of age, surgery or what everyone makes to his body, are visible and seem to interest the photographer. There is here this special hardness that is frequent in Nordic photography and under my fingers it's a compliment. You can find other images of this series there, I've only chosen my faves.