August 10, 2017

jà-ant - Various

Behind jà ant is Javier Antruejo, a young photographer from Argentina, who is also a drummer and an illustrator. His work belongs to one of these many iconographic projects illustrating everyday life of youngsters living as freely as anyone can dream, at least physically, and this is rather consolating in these times of prudery revival. "Tenderness, erotism, sense of humor and experimentation" are the words he uses to characterise his images. Nothing revolutionary but enough to deserve to be selected and chosen among similar ones. My selection is of course very subjective and I won't have the pretention to say I chose the best pictures, only some that touched me more for a reason or another (often their transgressive content as I'm rather sensible to this dimension in photography). You can see more, much more from him on his tumblr (here) and Instagram (there) accounts. Note that in the latter, images are rather audacious and some tits are left unhidden. Maybe a failure in the detection power of this social network. 


  1. Fabuleux! Encore et toujours des découvertes extraordinaires!
    J'adore ce blog nom de dieu !

  2. Merci Chris de ce commentaire enthousiaste. Donne envie de continuer à me dkarkcer.