August 16, 2017

Margaret M. de Lange - Surrounded by no-one

This Norwegian photographer born in 1963 is mainly known for her Sally Mann's inspired project "Daughters" in which she took photos (black and white) of her two daughters during their childhood and adolescence. These pictures were shot between 1994 and 2006 and published in 2009, where she provided a rather similar (and controversive in these times of pedophilia-phobia that precludes any child nudity on picture, even for familial, aesthetic or artistic reasons, because some will use them for their onanist activity) iconography than her American pair, except for the Nordic mythological dimension. If you don't know this wonderful series, you can see it (at least a selection of images) on the artist's site here. But this post is about her following project, entitled "Surrounded by no-one" and in which she took stunning pictures (here again in black and white) of adults posing in very naturalistic and intimate manners and often surrounded by a stifling atmosphere of sadness and dereliction. Ths stigmata of age, surgery or what everyone makes to his body, are visible and seem to interest the photographer. There is here this special hardness that is frequent in Nordic photography and under my fingers it's a compliment. You can find other images of this series there, I've only chosen my faves. 

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  1. Zou graag bij de tweede vrouw de vagina binnen willen gaan met mijn vingers