September 30, 2017

Marta Marta AM - Pîncota

Back to black (and white) with this female spanish photographer born in 1976 and whose real name is Marta Altares Moro. Her iconography is (at least in the selection of images I did) in the Anders Petersen style, with very contrasted and close-up images of human skin in a naturalistic and unsophisticated approach. It's rough and powerful. It's a way to use photography not to euphemize the reality but to use it in an impressionism manner, visually translating our deepest feelings of horror or fascination into pictures that become like iconic images. I added her skull at the end cos' skulls are my little guilty pleasure. Her flickr blog here. Did not find any site. 

September 23, 2017

Red circle - Various

I don't know anything about this Red Circle. Nothing to do with the collective called similarly I think. It seems more a personal project, maybe by a non-professional, and maybe with the same model all throughout the images (not the usual mannequin-like one, much older, bigger and wilder). It's fetish in nature, rather crude, hard and dirty. Much of what we like here. The pictures are digitally re-worked in very different manners and this maintains the interest and creates a large scale of visual impressions. All I can provide here is the link to the tumblr blog where I found these cliches. Here

September 17, 2017

Evan Baden - Technically intimate

Recently I had to remove my Instagram file cos' some were planning to use it against me. I mean that I was informed that some dumb assholes attendants of my work (I'm a lecturer) were (and are still) trying to make publicly a fool of myself, projecting some of the pictures of me and my babe where one can see some nudity (nothing as crude as on Scoptophilia of course, it's Instagran, the ultimate censorship). Anyway, this provides to me the opportunity to make here a post about this very interesting series by Evan Baden, a male American photgrapher born in 1985. This series was done in the end of the first decade of this century, and things have ever from then, changed still a bit since bodies are more and more normatives and I doubt that the teenagers that were on this series would still make this sort of selfies today. They would take much more "sexy" postures. We could write pages and pages about this temptation to take pictures of ourselves in suggestive situation and to post them. I would say that it's a form of generosity, there's always some people that will find you are beautiful or even exciting to watch. And after all where's the crime? Anyway, you can see more from this photographer here. You can see other pictures of this series there. I integrated in the post only the ones in high quality that I found on the net. The ones on the artist's site are of too poor definition. Note that on the last picture of the post, this is Evan Baden in front of a poster with the images of the series. Note too that the picture in the dark is a lightning essay shoot, not belonging to the series. 

September 13, 2017

Rudolf Kartelin - The artist and his models

Let's have some colours now. Looking at the posts of the last weeks, it may seem that Scoptophilia became a black and white monomaniac blog. It did not. So I'll post some couloured images in the further posts. Tonight a Russian photographer based in Moscow and called Rudolf Kartelin. Don't know how old he is but it is said that he is in activity since 1975 so I suppose he's born before 1955. I also suppose that it's him on the pictures near his models. His style belongs to what we could call painting-inspired imagery (PII, let's try to create the appelation). You can find some other ones on Scoptophilia (Jeff Bark, Vadim Dimov, Alex Dawson, Christine Von Diepenbroek, Julia Fullerton-Batten, Osmyn J Oree, Albert Rasyulis and sometimes Vincent Gouriou or Patrick Gomme but there are surely others that I forget). It's not really the style I consider the most interesting but it's true that sometimes I'm  sensible to the technical tour-de-force and even troubled by the final result. It is the case with this photographer. So I share it with you. Maybe you will too. And there is also a Jan Saudek flavour that enhances the pictures. A site here. Note that the title of the post is mine, not the real name of the series. 

September 8, 2017

Emilie Jouvet - Black and white works

Emilie Jouvet is a well-known (not only) photographer (born in 1976) but also multimedia artist strongly involved over the last 20 years in the LGBT, queer, feminist and either post-porn (but I could add much more) movements. You can find a lot of conceptual and intellectual considerations about her work (in French) here on a page of a source funding operation for a book around her work. I won't add anything to all this, having not any legimity to do it. I'll just say that above all this wording, there are some strong pictures that deserve to be worldwide known. I hope to contribute to that. Sorry not to post more pictures, but those are the only ones I cound find in HR.