September 3, 2017

Romy Alizée - Quand j'ai joui sur toi

Romy Alizée is a (rather) young photographer that was previously a model for male photographers such as Gilles Berquet and Ren Hang (recently dead) but felt the need to provide a fresh iconography for female desire. She often (but not always) uses self-portraits, all in black and white, and all in argentic not numeric. It's quite visible in the texture of the images, giving a sort of 70's and 80's aspect to her pictures. The result, called "Quand j'ai joui sur toi" (which means "When I came on you") is of course far from the mainstream erotic imagery and even far from any form of power of excitation. The model (Romy Alizée herself) is often like absent from the scene, never apparently taking any pleasure in what is a static and desincarnate scenography. I don't really understand the underlying message (even after hearing her in interview) but who cares, the important is that the images make a strong and enduring impression in our brain. I just feel that this vision of sexuality is too "parisian" for me (a sort of hieratic gesture with a lack of spontaneity). You can see more (I've selected in priority self-portraits) on her tumblr here.  For French-speaking visitors, there is an interview. 


  1. Fantastique!!! Merci encore pour ces magnifiques découvertes.

  2. Toujours heureux de faire dkouvrir.