September 13, 2017

Rudolf Kartelin - The artist and his models

Let's have some colours now. Looking at the posts of the last weeks, it may seem that Scoptophilia became a black and white monomaniac blog. It did not. So I'll post some couloured images in the further posts. Tonight a Russian photographer based in Moscow and called Rudolf Kartelin. Don't know how old he is but it is said that he is in activity since 1975 so I suppose he's born before 1955. I also suppose that it's him on the pictures near his models. His style belongs to what we could call painting-inspired imagery (PII, let's try to create the appelation). You can find some other ones on Scoptophilia (Jeff Bark, Vadim Dimov, Alex Dawson, Christine Von Diepenbroek, Julia Fullerton-Batten, Osmyn J Oree, Albert Rasyulis and sometimes Vincent Gouriou or Patrick Gomme but there are surely others that I forget). It's not really the style I consider the most interesting but it's true that sometimes I'm  sensible to the technical tour-de-force and even troubled by the final result. It is the case with this photographer. So I share it with you. Maybe you will too. And there is also a Jan Saudek flavour that enhances the pictures. A site here. Note that the title of the post is mine, not the real name of the series. 

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  1. If you're interested in art mixed with models you might like to take a look at this guy's work -